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Bamboo Formwork

This product is best fit for building projects such as horizontal moulding board, vertical wall board, cross bridge, high frame bridge, tunnel and cylinder formwork, Machanical Brick Board, etc. It has the advantages as follow: It's strong and flexible with large breadth. It has the character of powerful endure water and never out of shape in damp place. It almost has no thickness differ and touched smoothly, so it can be used for a long time.

No.1 The superiorities compared with...

(1) steel formwork: bamboo formwork is lighter than steel formwork, and the acreage per piece is larger than steel formwork, so it is convenient in using.

(2) wood formwork: bamboo formwork is better than wood formwork in Bending Strength, and can use longer than wood formwork, and water-proof.

(3) plastic formwork: bamboo formwork can prevent the pollution of the environment.

No.2 The superiorities of itself:

(1) Smooth on surface

(2) Water-proof

(3) In favor of winter working ( heat preservation )

(4) It's better in Bending Strength

(5) Larger acreage per piece

(6) In normal condition, it can be used 15 times again and again 

(7) Cheaper

No.3 Catalog:

Natural formwork: 2440x1220x10/12/15mm

Filmed(red) formwork: 2440x1220x10/12/15mm

Filmed(black) formwork for bridge: 2440x1220x12/15mm

Certificate of Quality

Size (mm) 2440(Length)
Standard JG/T3026-1995
Property Requirement Test Data Judgement
Bending Strength (MPa)      
1.Longitudinal Section (MPa) 70 88.7 Accept
2.Cross Section (MPa) 50 60.7 Accept
Modulus of Elasticity (MPa)      
1.Longitudinal Section (MPa) 6x103 7.6x103 Accept
2.Cross Section (MPa) 4x103 7.5x103 Accept
Size (mm)      
1.Length Deviation (mm) 3 1 Accept
2.Width Deviation (mm) 3 1 Accept
3.Thickness Deviation (mm) 1 0.5 Accept
4.Diagonal Deviation (mm) 5 1 Accept
Issued by: Huangshan Tianyu Bamboo Products Co., Ltd.


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