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  ~ Bamboo Carbon ~
Bamboo carbon will send off sweat flavour while been fired, So someone called it Sweet Bamboo Carbon.

It is widely used as firing material, food and stock material, even for fresh keeping. If you put a piece of bamboo carbon into the rice during cooking, It'll be more tasty and keeping the nice flavour. It'll get rid off the bad smell of icebox with bamboo carbon in it. It'll reduce some oil when blast food and the oil will be kept freshing. If put bamboo carbon into the soup, it'll be easier to be cooked. The bamboo carbon is very easy to be fired and is more permanent for firing than other carbon.

For the unique raw material and processing with high technique, If put bamboo carbon into the water , it'll be cleaned before use. If put it in the closet or chothes case, it'll get rid off the bad smell in them.It is widely used in much more places. And people abroad and inland loves it more and more, You are widely welcomed to get cooperation with us if you are interested in them.

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