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  ~ Bamboo Veneer ~
The bamboo veneer is our newly-developed product, which is a new type of decoration material processed with special skills. With This skill we can make the fullest use of bamboo material, thus can greatly reduce the price of the product.
The bamboo veneer enjoys the same appearance as the bamboo decoration board and thereby mainly suitable for being the surface layer of decoration board. It can replace the wood veneer and has a big market.

Many features are offered by Veneer ( including but not limited to):

1. Construction field: used as construction tool and domestic decoration material such as flooring;
2. Package field: used as packing for all types of machine components;
3. Vessels field: used as inner decoration material & furniture for ship & boat;
4. Transportation field: used as carriage & ground boards for train;
5. Agriculture field: used as structures for tools such as windmill;

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