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~ Painting And Glue ~


International Standards for Formaldehyde Emission

1. U.S.A. Standards
In November 1987, OSHA proposed that the occupational standard for formaldehyde exposure be reduced from 3 parts per million (ppm) to 1 ppm, averaged over an 8-hour workday; this proposal became law the following month. In May 1992, the law was amended, and the formaldehyde exposure limit was reduced to 0.75 ppm. (Information is available from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Public Affairs Office, Room N3647, 200 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20210. You may also contact the Public Affairs Office by calling 202-693-1999.)

2. European Standards

3. Japanese Standards
From the summer of 2003, Japan Construction Regulations are scheduled to change so that all laminated/prefinished building products (that is, any product using glue or arriving at the jobsite prefinished) must be officially certified under the JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard) formaldehyde standards. Products can show a JAS stamp or other equivalent certification. 

4. Chinese Standards
Stipulated in the new regulations of building materials, the formaldehyde emission meets 1.5mg/L, which is equal to European E1 Standard.

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