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Bamboo flooring with lock system.

Bamboo plank of machine.


Bamboo Decoration 


Bamboo Carpet


Bamboo flooring over heating system

To minimize trauma to the floor, heating process should be gradual, based on small increment in relation to the outside temperature. All sub-floor should have the proper moisture test done. A 6-8 mil. polyethylene vapor barrier should be installed over slab radiant heat systems and tape all seams of barrier. For double protection, foam sheeting of 1/6 inch can be laid over the vapor barrier. When the slab has cured, turn the heat in for a few days before installation. In general, to install flooring over radiant heat, these systems can be applied: floating on laminated/floating on solid/singer layer of plywood on sleepers/double plywood floating/tongue and groove nail to sleepers/direct nail to sub-floor. 

After installation of the radiant heating system, the heat should be stepped up gradually over a period of two weeks and then be in use for two weeks prior to installation of the flooring. Just prior to installation, the system should be turned off and completely cooled down. Following installation, the system should be gradually brought to normal heating range over a period of two weeks. During the heating season the temperature at the surface of the floor should not exceed 82 F and the humidity in the room space should be kept between 55% and 65%. 



Bamboo wooden flooring

The bamboo-wooden flooring is a new kind of flooring developed from the three-layer wooden flooring. The first  layers of the bamboo-wooden flooring are made of bamboo and the second are of fir. It enjoys the good features of both the bamboo flooring and the wooden flooring. 

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